Rutherford Ranch wine

Rutherford Ranch wine is an exquisite and sustainable wine that is committed to the production of high-quality wines. This wine is created in the heart of Napa Valley, and they have a famous phrase that says "It takes Rutherford dust to grow great cabernet." The Rutherford Ranch Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the premiere wines offered by the company. The taste is rich with a slight bitterness, but it goes down easily.

Rutherford Ranch is committed to providing quality wines at an affordable price. It's still a luxury to indulge in, and many of the labels are only available from the Napa Valley winery in California.

This particular wine is a deep red, and it's striking to look at in the glass. It pairs exceptionally well with a number of dishes, but Indian food is a great companion to a glass of this ruby-red wine. It's a firm wine with notes of cedar and cherries. As mentioned before, it pairs well with hearty meals that make you feel full and alive. The Rutherford Ranch wine is a must try for those who have sworn off red wine forever. It's a winner to many, and it's a taste you won't soon forget.


Echelon is a beautiful wine with an elegant bottle. This wine is a fruit-intense wine from the beautiful valley of California. Echelon comes in white and red varieties. The red variety is bright with strong notes of sweet berries. It has minimal bitterness, and if you aren't careful, you will drink it without knowing it is a red wine. The California series pinot noir is a classic and a must try. The bottle is as beautiful as the wine with this one.

This particular wine is pressed lightly, and it is fermented quickly to preserve the flavor of rich berries. Black cherry, plum, cinnamon spice along with sage and rich black currant are noticeable when you sip this wine as intended. You will be surprised at the complexity and how velvety this wine is. It quickly becomes a favorite because it's so easy going down, and it pairs well with a number of dishes. You may want to try it with a light lunch or dinner, and you will be pleasantly surprised by how well the notes come out and blend together in perfect harmony.

Echelon California Pinot Noir is a red wine that is superior to many. It's low bitterness allows even the pickiest wine lovers to enjoy this wine. If you have previously disliked red wine, you will fall in love with this one quickly.

The Sextant CC 2011 Zinfadel

The Sextant CC 2011 Zinfadel is a top notch wine. It's bright and flavorful. Each sip is filled with the taste of raspberry, boysenberry, strawberries and spice. While it is a bit dry, the flavor is remarkable and unforgettable. It's an affordable wine with a high-class taste that leaves you wanting just a little bit more. It's strong. You can expect a rosy flush when drinking this wine.

You will want to pair this wine with a sharp cheese or chocolates. It works well with sandwiches and desserts too. It's a flexible wine that will make you fall in love with the options it presents when pairing and sipping. Sextant is an underdog of the wine world, and it deserves a taste or two before you pass judgement. You will find that it is easy to drink and makes for a lovely pairing.